Olde Town Pickin' Parlor is excited to announce the addition of Audio Sprockets Tone Dexter preamps.  These revolutionary preamps are sure to provide you with the best in acoustic tone.

"ToneDexter restores the rich body tone of your acoustic instrument to the pickup using proprietary digital signal processing technology combined with a pristine analog signal path. Audio Sprockets has created a way to learn the difference between the sound coming from the pickup and the sound coming from a microphone, placed in front of the instrument, and use that information to create a transformation they call a WaveMap. Think of it as charting a course from point A to point B.

When you first get your ToneDexter, you do a one-time training session with both a mic and the pickup plugged into ToneDexter. This way, ToneDexter can listen to both signals simultaneously and learn the difference between the two.  By playing for about a minute, ToneDexter figures out how to simultaneously correct for the pickup’s deficiencies andrestore the missing body tone to the pickup signal, and creates the WaveMap. With a simple press of a button, ToneDexter stores that WaveMap in one of the eleven available preset locations. You can then put the microphone away and enjoy beautiful, lifelike sounds from your guitar, violin, mandolin, or other acoustic instrument." from Audio Sprockets website.